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Duncan Services has been your hometown solutions provider since 1986

Our team is local dependable smart

Our services range from simple PC and Laptop Repair to Full Business Systems and Network Design to Sales of LED Lighting
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About us

Our technicians and system engineers have well over 50+ years of combined experience, plus the skills and expertise to provide you with custom designed solutions for your particular business needs. Whether your need is for fine tuning or maintaining existing systems, network, PCs or for the designing of a brand new network using the latest high tech software & hardware, Duncan Services can deliver.

Our sales department can assist you in your selection of the best equipment for your specific use including custom built PCs built from the ground up with you in mind. Don't settle for a "one-size-fits-all" PC when you can have a powerful custom business class computer designed for years of hard service in a commercial environment. In addition, we warranty all of our Desktop PCs, Workstations, & Servers. We never leave our customer out in the cold after the sale.

Among others, we partner and resell with the following companies:

Network Solutions

We can consult with you on optimizing your current network's potential or design a new network solution for your business.

Computer Repair

Let our qualified technicians diagnose and repair your troubled pc. We provide complete system diagnostics to solve all of your issues.

Web Development

Need a powerful web presence for your business? We can provide you the tools to get your ideas organized and ready to go live.

VPN/Remote Networking

VPN & remote access can provide secure access to your data from anywhere and bridge multiple offices to share information.

Backup Solutions

We can provide a safe and secure backup plan tailored to your requirements. No more need to be concerned over lost and unrecoverable data.

LED Lighting

As an innovator in technology, we're a distributor of intellgent and cost effective LED lighting.